April Schilling: Students know why new Amherst school needed

Thursday, March 09, 2017
Students know why new Amherst school needed

I am excited the residents of Amherst will be able to vote again on the new school plan.

A lot of information has been shared since November that was not clear to residents before, but was already known by the kids who attend Fort River and Wildwood now.

I am a sixth-grade student at Fort River Elementary School, in my last year. Fort River School is not in the best shape. Our school is 50 years old and showing its age. There is lead in our pipes, mold in our walls and rodents in some areas. These are just some of the things that our school has a problem with.

Also, it is really hard to pay attention to your teacher and what is happening in class when there are no walls. For classes that have students with hearing impairments, the teachers need to use a microphone system which is necessary for the impaired student, but carries the noise from one classroom to an entire quad of students.

The barriers that teachers have created between classrooms do not serve as walls and students need to be careful in group work on the floor or morning meetings to not knock over the barrier or shelf of books that may be used to create a “wall.”

I have been at Fort River since kindergarten and have had great teachers. I believe that we should listen to the teachers who are asking for the new school, and that future generations of Amherst students should be able to learn in the best kind of school we can provide.

April Schilling