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Do you think it was correct for Amherst school officials to keep silent about a racial attack on a white middle school student by students of color?

Scott Merzbach’s use of the word “expected,” as in "The property… is expected to be sold … to Landmark to make way...(full comment)

Amherst Conservation Commission begins review of The Retreat project with wetlands survey

Based on the Gazette and Bulletin's coverage, the school administration's handling of this incident has been secretive/opaque, and from the details that...(full comment)

Amherst high school student suspended after school shutdown barred from graduation ceremony

Maybe the pubs and package stores that 'sponsored' and promoted the event should be sent the bill. ...(full comment)

Amherst's Blarney Blowout cost more than $200,000 in public safety, consultant fees and property damage

Jim Oldham: Time for Amherst to pull together in common cause: racial fairness

AMHERST — Members of the Amherst-Pelham Regional School Committee need to act thoughtfully and responsibly to end public disputes and get back to governing our school system, particularly to the … 0

Arrests and Summonses

Arrests & Summons Amherst Police • James W. Mathews, 28, of Depot Road, Leverett, was arrested July 12 at 4:23 p.m. on Main Street on a Leverett police charge of … 0


The stormy weather for the Fourth of July caused many events to be postponed or canceled. Unfortunately the South Amherst Parade was not rescheduled. I’ve missed maybe one other in … 0