Published: 04-20-2023 3:20 PM

Amherst educators: Support new school

As teachers in Amherst, we are writing to express our support for building a new elementary school and encourage all residents to vote yes on May 2.

We believe that every student and educator is entitled to learn and work in a safe and healthy school that is equipped for learning and teaching in the 21st century. Unfortunately, Wildwood and Fort River are falling apart, out of code, and currently contributing to our students’ and educators’ poor health and learning conditions.

We know taxes in Amherst are high. We know it is tough to think about voting for a Prop. 2½ debt-exclusion override that will increase taxes even more. However, besides the fact that we desperately need a new school, if the override does not pass, the town will be forced to bring the current buildings up to code and complete deferred maintenance and capital projects, including new roofs and furnaces, which could cost taxpayers as much as double the town’s share of the new school — without any reimbursement from the state.

Please vote yes on May 2 and encourage others to do so as well.

Molly Millay

This letter is supported by the following Amherst educators:
Tim Sheehan, Lani Blechman, Tim Austin, Pamela Barsalou, Anna Bartolini, Johanna Bradbury, Alicia Chin-Gibbons, Sharri Conklin, Daniel Espinoza, Stephanie Grabowski, Julie Haddad, Susan Karlin, Susan Kelly, Trish Lagrant, Frances Lonergan, Tara Luce, Dixie Luddy, Maddie Mandel, Lauren Mattone, Lisa Moriarty, Lisa Pickron, Krista Rondeau and Pat Schumm.