Angela Russo: Wants accountable representatives in Amherst

Thursday, February 08, 2018
Wants accountable representatives in Amherst

I am voicing support of Amherst’s proposed charter and the positive change that I believe year-round democracy would bring to our town.

Having accountable representatives to contact is essential to the democratic process of our town. While I have repeatedly heard the argument that Town Meeting members are reachable via email, the truth is that emailing all 24 of my precinct’s representatives is a clunky and inefficient way to communicate. Productive conversation with 24 people via email is not possible.

Being able to easily identify and contact my town council representatives with questions and comments is more constructive and less frustrating than the alternative.

The transparency of the assembled council is appealing to folks who feel in the dark about the inner workings of Town Meeting (including me, a 10-plus year resident of Amherst).

I want accountable representatives making well-researched decisions who have a greater responsibility to their constituents, not “representatives” who are, in truth, representing only themselves.

Angela Russo