Anne Perkins: Darcy Dumont for Town Council

Thursday, November 01, 2018
Darcy Dumont for Town Council

I wish I could vote for Darcy Dumont for the new Amherst Town Council, but alas I live in the wrong district. However, once this very small group of 13 councilors are elected, each one will have a very powerful voice and vote, and will ultimately represent all of us who live in Amherst.

I particularly appreciate Darcy’s commitment to inclusivity. She is not one who will ram her opinion forward, but rather will seek for commonality of points of view. Witness her call for a moratorium on new downtown buildings so that the opinions of those who live in town can be gathered and formed into new zoning by-laws. She has learned in talking to voters that there is pretty uniform discontent in town over the recent five story apartment buildings.

Darcy is undoubtedly the most informed candidate about issues of climate resiliency. I envision the other councilors learning to lean on her for her quiet but informed voice on the issues we are all facing related to climate change.

Darcy Dumont has my full support. I sure wish I could vote for her. I encourage all of you District 5 voters to do so.

Anne Perkins