Anne Perkins: Calls for zero-energy buildings in Amherst

Saturday, September 16, 2017
Calls for zero-energy buildings in Amherst

We are members and friends of Mothers Out Front who believe that as the town of Amherst embarks on the construction or major renovation of new town buildings, such buildings must be zero energy.

The climate crisis demands that we build for our children’s clean-energy future starting now. The urgency related to climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions is increasing each year. Almost half of these emissions are from heating and lighting buildings.

By definition, a zero-energy building produces enough renewable energy to meet its own annual energy consumption requirements, thereby reducing the use of nonrenewable energy in the building sector. No fossil fuel is used directly to heat or light the building.

Such buildings draw significantly less energy overall because the envelope is very tight, they are super-insulated, and new electric heating systems are extremely efficient. There are examples already built in cold climates such as ours, so we are confident that it is both financially and architecturally feasible for our municipal buildings to be zero energy.

Anne Perkins


The letter was signed by 18 members and friends of Mothers Out Front, an activist organization concerned about climate change.