Jeanne Ballantine: Support the End of Life Options Act

Thursday, October 01, 2020

Having seen several friends and relatives die painful and agonizing deaths, wanting to move on but prevented by laws from receiving the help they needed, I do not want to share their fate or have anyone I know have to go through a difficult end of life if that can be avoided.

The “End of Life Options Act” (H.4782, S.2745) is currently being considered by the Joint Health Care Finance Committee (HCFC), having passed the Public Health Committee in May, with the support and help of our state Sen. Jo Comerford. If Massachusetts passes this bill, we would be the 10th state to do so.

This bill would legalize the option of medical, compassionate aid in dying for people who are terminally ill, mentally capable of making their own informed health care decisions, and facing the prospect of severe pain and suffering at the end of life. We should all have the right to make these decisions for ourselves.

Please join me in asking our legislators to support passage of this bill, first by the HCFC and later this fall by the full Legislature. Please tell your friends and relatives in Massachusetts to encourage their legislators to vote for the bill — and thanks!

Jeanne Ballantine