Batya Bauman: Fireworks display should be canceled

Tuesday, July 04, 2017
Fireworks display should be canceled

It is time for humans to grow up and stop selfish momentary gratification when it harms others and the planet.

Fireworks displays are over, outdated, no longer viable, not benign, dangerous, harmful, environmentally disastrous, terrorizing to wild and domestic animals, stressful to returning veterans with PTSD.

We’ve had our fun for many years. We have entered an age of thoughtful consideration to change our species’ bad habits, many of which have brought us to the edge of planetary destruction. We’ve gotten away with our thoughtless, destructive acts until now.

Climate change and pollution of our life-sustaining earth, air and water are real and we know the causes. It is beginning to dawn on us that what we thought of as benign is not benign and we are killing the planet with our thoughtless actions, many of which are unnecessary. Fireworks are unnecessary, destructive and greatly contribute to pollution and human and animal suffering.

We can either take a year (or more) to consider the harm done by fireworks displays and dispense with the Fourth of July fireworks next year or further down the road, or we can end them now and, with a great and righteous flourish, cancel this year’s event in our community.

Batya Bauman