Sophia Bloom: Support COVID relief for college students

  •   mactrunk

Thursday, November 26, 2020

In our society, there is a stereotype of a college student: They go to college right out of high school, they live in dorms, and they are full-time students.

That is not what all college students look like nowadays. People are entering college when they are older and have a lot more responsibilities outside of school. For example, 4.3 million students are parents. This means that many college students are at higher risk for hunger and homelessness than most people think. Many college students do not know where their next meal is coming from or where they are going to sleep at night. Students that used to rely on their schools for resources are now losing that access as universities close.

Additionally, many students are losing their jobs or are unable to find new jobs in the economic crisis of the pandemic. These students need support and they are not getting nearly enough of it. The CARES Act allocated $14 billion to institutions of higher education to support their students in need, but that money is drying up. A second COVID relief bill is being proposed, and it is important that every citizen supports the bill, so it can be pushed through Congress. We want to make sure that it provides at least another $14 billion and allocates funding to institutions based on how many students are enrolled, rather than how many full-time students are enrolled. This would mean that community colleges, who generally have a greater need for relief funding, will not be left out because many of their students are part time. Please call your local congressperson and show your support for this piece of legislation.

Sophia Bloom