Judith Cameron: Time for UMass to ‘be revolutionary’

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

As a proud member of the Professional Staff Union at UMass Amherst, I urge your readers to join the battle against implementing stiff austerity measures at the flagship campus and across the UMass system as that will only prolong the recession.

This is the time to “be revolutionary,” as the UMass tag line states. Let’s avoid the knee-jerk response of cutting staff and faculty positions and programs in response to the economic downturn. Let’s be bold and creative in considering other options.

We can save jobs and our economy by taking actions such as suspending interest payments on debt for six months and raising taxes on millionaires. Our economy and the next generation depend on the actions we take in the coming months. Let’s win the fight to not only preserve higher education, but invest in it to make public higher education stronger and accessible to all.

Judith Cameron