Catherine Iselin: Deplores loss of Carriage Shops

Wednesday, November 08, 2017
Deplores loss of Carriage Shops

As an Amherst resident living close to the center of town, I have been increasingly troubled by the recent, rapid surge of apartment complexes being built downtown, and more specifically by the current construction taking place at the location once occupied by the Carriage Shops.

Months later, I am still deploring the loss of the Carriage Shops. They were a lovely collection of small stores many of us enjoyed patronizing. Among them were an all-inclusive music store, a popular sewing and knitting supplies shop and a fine wine store.

The only survivor of the shops’ demolition this past spring is the sculpture of a wooden cow. Once standing at the entrance of the Carriage Shops, it has since been relocated across the street from the new construction.

Every time I walk by that cow, I am struck by its look of distress. So here is what I’d like to say:​

In Amherst where only the H is silent

a cow screams on the sidewalk,

it screams the loss of its turf.

I too scream at developers —

a piece of our sky

was taken away.

Catherine Iselin