Guest columnist Rudy Perkins: Dangerous resolution pins ‘aggression’ on Iran

05-06-2024 5:28 PM


 Both the Iranian government’s bombing of Israel and the Israeli government’s bombing of Iran are extremely perilous for the Middle East and the United States. That is why the dangerously one-sided U.S. congressional resolution, H.Res. 1143,...

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Darcy Dumont: Townwide trash service checks all the boxes

07-17-2024 9:30 PM


Conceived as a means to significantly reduce waste and resident costs in Amherst, the townwide waste hauler bylaw proposal is moving forward after several years of wheel-spinning.In 2020, the Department of Public Works received a technical assistance...

Guest columnist Matteo Pangallo: Climate bill poorly conceived

07-17-2024 9:30 PM


 It is misleading to assert, as writer Stephen Linsky does in a July 10 letter, that the proposed climate bill “address[es] the siting concerns” of the individuals quoted in the Gazette’s July 6 article [“Energy bill doesn’t address siting fears”]. A...

David Glassberg: Trust the process

07-17-2024 9:28 PM

Biden won the Democratic nomination for president in 2020 because Democrats believed that, among all the candidates running in the primaries, he had the best chance of defeating Donald Trump. This year, Democrats held no meaningful primary elections...

Gerry Weiss: ‘Targeted’ killing of Hamas leaders?

07-17-2024 9:28 PM

A recent CNN headline read: “At Least 90 Palestinians reported killed in Israeli strike targeting Hamas military chief.” The news article goes on to say that the site bombed, Al-Mawasi, was “designated as a safe zone for Palestinians fleeing the...

Craig Barringer: Jones Library — There are other opinions

07-17-2024 9:28 PM

The recent column concerning the Jones Library debate [“Why trustees are seeking to rebid Jones project,” June 21] was very helpful in that it made clear the trustees’ position: It’s not about the building, it’s about our opinion, namely that the...

Guest Columnist Michael Dover: Stop dreaming about replacing Biden and get moving to defeat Trump

07-15-2024 11:24 AM


 Presidential “debates” are not debates, they are performances. They say nothing about policies or facts, and little if anything about why one should or shouldn’t vote for the performers. Last week’s debate showed one thing for certain: No one should...

Anthony Fyden: Say no to green power grab, don’t let go of local control

07-15-2024 11:22 AM

In 1939, the flooding of the Quabbin Reservoir began, drowning four western Massachusetts towns to quench Boston’s thirst for growth. In a way, history is about to repeat itself, this time in pursuit of green energy dollars.Boston politicians and...

My Turn: Biden should resign because of his role in Israel’s genocide

07-15-2024 11:21 AM


 While it is true that President Joe Biden gave a historically disastrous debate performance, and the fallout in the following week put his chances of winning r-election in distinct jeopardy, we should not forget that he has been funding, abetting,...

Nina Scott: Thank you, Steve Pfarrer

07-11-2024 8:49 PM

I saw with regret that features writer Steve Pfarrer was retiring after many, many years of service to the Gazette and the arts communities. I do not begrudge him his retirement in any way, but I shall miss his writing very much. Thank you, Steve, and...

Rebecca Fricke: League of Women Voters of Amherst supports civic engagement

07-11-2024 8:49 PM

This past year the League of Women Voters of Amherst was proud to give out a total of $4,000 to two different local initiatives. Amherst Regional Public Schools teacher Tim Austin received a grant for The Civic Literacy and Organizing Project to...

Guest columnist Raymond DiDonato: Eastern Mass. is coming for our forests, fields and farmlands

07-05-2024 7:39 PM


 Dana. Enfield. Greenwich. Prescott. To the casual observer visiting the trails of the Quabbin Reservoir from eastern Massachusetts during leaf peeping season, these names represent quaint roads for walking in the woods. But to most people living in...

Grant Ingle: UMass chancellor’s task force plan ‘deficient’

07-05-2024 7:36 PM

UMass Amherst Chancellor Javier Reyes has again demonstrated that he should resign. Reyes made the ill-advised decision to call in the State Police in riot gear to arrest students and faculty members peacefully protesting in support of Palestinians....

Richard S. Bogartz: A difference in leadership

07-05-2024 7:36 PM


 Here’s my biased contrast of leadership by Joe Biden and Donald Trump. ChatGPT 4.o gathered some of the information.Biden’s 36 senatorial years and eight years as vice president support his understanding of legislation and foreign policy. His...

George Ryan: Why we’re keeping Jones expansion alive

06-27-2024 7:20 PM


After over an hour of intense discussion, the Amherst Town Council voted 4-8-1 on June 17 to reject Councilor Cathy Schoen’s motion to urge the town manager to not sign a contract extension with the Jones Library architects. This would have been in...

Guest columnist Joseph Levine: Why challenge to Israel is felt as fear

06-27-2024 7:20 PM


A common theme in the justification for the violent police raids on the pro-Palestine encampments on campuses across the country, including my own at UMass Amherst, has been their alleged antisemitic character and the consequent feelings of being...

Evan Naismith: Democrats must reclaim the Stars and Stripes

06-27-2024 7:14 PM

Two decades ago, Republicans harnessed American symbols to secure George W. Bush a second term, persuading voters that supporting him equated to backing the nation and its troops. Through ubiquitous stars and stripes branding, they cemented their...

Paul Kaplan: Kudos to Tolley Jones and others

06-27-2024 7:14 PM

I am writing to express my appreciation for columnist Tolley Jones, but also for all your regular columnists. Facing what we all know are limited resources, you consistently present compelling journalism on your opinion page. The latest example is...

Ira Bryck: Stop the non-starter Jones Library expansion

06-27-2024 7:14 PM

I urge the Town Council to support the motion by Cathy Schoen, to stop the library project by telling the town manager to not sign a contract with FAA architects, so that there will not be another $500,000-plus spent on more “value engineering” to...

Ginny Hamilton: Jones Library claims

06-20-2024 3:42 PM

Even with proposed cuts to the Jones Library renovation and expansion plans, the result will be a net-zero ready building. Plans remain in place to eliminate the fossil fuel HVAC system. Solar panels were not in the original bid documents; the...

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