Darcy DuMont: Urges support of renewable energy resolution in Amherst

Wednesday, November 08, 2017
Urges support of renewable energy resolution

A resolution proposing a transition to 100 percent renewable energy is up for a fall vote at Amherst Town Meeting.

Horrific hurricanes, wildfires, droughts and floods with impacts heightened by climate change have provided a wake-up call to redouble efforts to reduce our local greenhouse gas emissions.

The good news is that every day we see more evidence that a future powered entirely by renewable energy is within our reach. According to a new report released by Environment Massachusetts, solar and wind, along with emerging technologies like electric vehicles and energy storage, will help us transition to 100 percent clean, renewable energy faster than many had thought possible.

In Massachusetts, 22 communities already have made a commitment to 100 percent renewable energy. And more than 40 U.S. cities have committed to 100 percent renewable energy goals. Nearly 100 major companies have made a similar commitment, including Apple, Walmart and LEGO.

The resolution also proposes a means of getting to 100 percent renewable energy by starting a program of Community Choice Energy (CCE) as a joint effort among Amherst, Northampton and Pelham, and possibly other towns in the future. Initially, the CCE would purchase in bulk greener electricity for the three towns, like other basic CCE models. The long-term vision would be to invest a portion of the energy savings in developing local renewable energy resources and in smart, targeted energy efficiency services. For more information, go to westernmasscleanenergy.wordpress.com.

I urge all residents to support the 100 percent renewable energy resolution by contacting your Town Meeting representatives and talking it up.

Darcy DuMont