David Mazor: Sam MacLeod for District 5 Council Representative

Thursday, November 01, 2018
Sam MacLeod for District 5

I am writing in support of Sam Macleod for District 5 Council Representative. Sam is a candidate who will listen with an open mind to find solutions that accommodate all of our residents not just those on one side of an issue. I am voting for Sam because I know that he will bring a practical mindset and focus on the optimal long-term outcomes for our town. He will support our schools, the business community and our residents as he ensures that we meet the needs of all of our community members. Sam has an MBA, has been a small businessman and management consultant, and has children attending our elementary and high schools. Most importantly, he knows how to seek common sense and practical solutions to problems and issues. I ask that my fellow South Amherst residents vote cast one of their two District 5 Town Council Votes for Sam MacLeod.

David Mazor