David P. Schmidt: LSSE disappoints by canceling program

Saturday, November 19, 2016
LSSE disappoints by canceling program

Amherst LSSE offered a special “School’s Out” program for Nov. 8, since Amherst’s public schools would be closed that day.

LSSE planned a trip to visit a museum in Springfield for the day. As a family with two working parents, we signed our child up well in advance. However, when I got home from work on Nov. 4, I had a message on my answering machine informing me that LSSE had chosen to cancel the program due to insufficient enrollment. I am appalled that LSSE left me with only one working day, Nov. 7, to arrange for care for my child.

The deadline to sign up was Oct. 31, so they could have notified us much earlier. And why cancel the program and leave parents in a lurch? I’m sorry that the event would lose money, but some things are worth subsidizing, at least once.

Next year, they could offer a scaled-down program that doesn’t include an expensive bus trip to Springfield. LSSE should keep their promise to parents, even if it costs some money.

LSSE operates Cherry Hill Golf course at a loss every year. Is golf a greater public good than child care? By canceling this program, parents learn that they can’t count on LSSE. We won’t be signing up with them again.

David P. Schmidt