Rescuers save dog from hole in Amherst

Staff Writer
Monday, October 08, 2018

AMHERST — A dog that got stuck in the ground beneath the front landing of a Station Road home Friday evening was safely rescued by police officers and firefighters.

The dog’s owner called for assistance from public safety personnel when dirt caved in below the porch, trapping her pet at around 6:30 p.m.

Assistant Fire Chief Lindsay Stromgren said firefighters who responded spent about 20 minutes digging out the dog, named Rosie, and, once the dog was free, another 10 minutes cleaning up the area. 

The dog appeared to be fine and “healthy and happy” after the rescue, according to dispatch call logs provided by Amherst Police.

The resident was advised to put a chain link fence in front of the landing so that the dog does not get back below the porch and rabbits, which have burrowed into the soil, are also kept out. The burrowing activity appears to have caused the ground to cave in below the landing, according to Amherst Police. 

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