Donna Hébert: Cites number of women in Amherst Town Meeting

Tuesday, March 06, 2018
Cites women in Town Meeting

I’m voting to keep our Town Meeting form of government in Amherst on March 27.

Here’s why: In Massachusetts, we are 24th in representation by women in government among statehouses and Congress. Yet, in town meetings across the state, women average 42 percent of the membership. In the larger representative town meetings (with more than 150 members), women average 45 percent of the membership. And in Amherst, we average 56 percent of the membership.

You know just by the numbers alone that a much smaller council/manager form of government, which is being put forth, will have the net effect of silencing women’s voices in government in Amherst.

So-called “smaller” government will also make it much easier to rezone Amherst for development, which is the real reason it’s being pushed by local real estate moguls.

I’m voting to retain Town Meeting as our form of government, and I think you should consider doing so too. Vote on March 27. Your vote matters.

Donna Hébert