Eric S. Einhorn: Town Meeting shows limitations on library vote

Thursday, December 14, 2017
Criticizes Town Meeting on library vote

While the North Amherst Library is clearly antiquated and challenging for some patrons, it is regrettable that Town Meeting chose to insist on spending a substantial sum of money to plan undefined upgrades (“Library upgrades advance,” Nov. 17).

We elect library trustees and a Select Board to manage thoughtful and realistic planning. Amherst faces substantial capital expenditures to meet long deferred needs.

I doubt that the North Amherst Library, cute and historic as it may be, outweighs projects of much higher priority. It is not clear to me that Amherst needs a marginal branch library in need of major upgrades when it is planning to renovate and upgrade the Jones Library. The Jones Library is readily accessible from North Amherst (a distance of about two miles) and well served by public transit.

Once again, Town Meeting has shown its limitations.

Eric S. Einhorn