Debbi Friedlander:

  • Under the hood of an electric bus Scott Merzbach

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Feb. 7 Bulletin headlines “Cost of electric school bus service very high” and “Electric buses unlikely” are misleading. They refer to a School Committee discussion about only one means of transitioning our fleet to electric — via our contracted bus service.

The town also owns eight buses and has an opportunity to trade in one of its diesel buses for an electric bus using Massachusetts’s Department of Environmental Protection settlement money with Volkswagen. If the second DEP funding opportunity is like the first, the state will pay for 80% of a new electric bus and the accompanying infrastructure.

Let’s take advantage of these funds and “ride along” with towns like Concord that are aggressively moving toward its 100% electric bus fleets that will be renewable, sustainable, and much healthier for kids. This transition will take many steps, so let’s get started now.

At the recent All Town visioning meeting at the Bangs Center, the biggest community concerns were safety and sustainability. Climate change is upon us. We need to use all available strategies and resources to implement our town’s climate action plan.

Debbi Friedlander