Andy Morris-Friedman: Nevinsmith is the right choice for Hadley

Thursday, May 07, 2020

I’m supporting Jane Nevinsmith in the May 16 election for Hadley Select Board.

I think Jane has the temperament and the experience that our town needs. She cares about people and improving our quality of life. She knows firsthand the challenges and opportunities that small towns like Hadley face in these uncertain times. She raised her family here, started businesses here and has extensive volunteer experience helping people who live here.

One of Jane’s key issues is affordable housing, making sure that people who have lived in Hadley all their lives can afford to remain here. Jane will also work hard to preserve the balance between development and farmland preservation that makes Hadley unique in the valley.

She’s the only progressive running in a four-person race. Jane isn’t an anti-feminist or a Trump supporter or the protege of a controversial former selectman. Jane is the only candidate running who has experience working with town government. Jane has been the driving force behind our new senior center and even the center’s opponents have to admit that she’s bringing in that project on time and under budget.

I’ve gotten to know her better over the course of her campaign and found her to be intelligent, committed and a good listener, willing to learn about issues that she hadn’t considered. Finally, Jane has been attending Select Board meetings for the past 18 months, knows the issues and procedures, and can hit the ground running.

With the challenges we all face these days, Hadley doesn’t have time for our town government representatives to climb the learning curve. For all these reasons and more, please consider voting for Jane Nevinsmith for Hadley Select Board.

Andy Morris-Friedman