Friends and Neighbors: Community members’ achievements

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Laura C. Freeman, a senior marketing major, received level three academic tutor certificationandan entrepreneurship award at Nichols College in Dudley.


Students from the Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion Charter School had three winning entries and one honorable mention in the Cool Science Art Contest held at the O’Leary Library Mezzanine of the University of Massachusetts in Lowell. Artwork is displayed on the Lowell bus system.

Jon Holt, grade 9, had a winning design with “Charge Into the Future.” His creation makes a pun on the word “charge” and illustrates an electric car recharging, while simultaneously implying that we are charging ahead into a brighter future.

Meghan Condon, grade 8, was a winner in the middle school category. Her artwork illustrates a Jane Goodall quote: “What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” She adds her own line to the quote: “Make a good difference FOR THE PLANET,” and illustrates dystopian environments as they might look like in the future if we do not take action to preserve our environment.

Robin Smither, grade 8, created a humorous mixed-media illustration of a cow snorkeling while eating kelp. Her artwork advocates including kelp in cattle feed to reduce their methane production.

Sophie Barber, grade 7, received an honorable mention. The artwork of these students can be viewed on the Cool Science Facebook page at https://facebook.com/coolsci/

The designs were created in classes taught by Lisa Winter, a teacher and artist whose work has been shown in the Pioneer Valley and New York.