Roof repairs progress, but more money needed for window work at Frontier Regional

  • Frontier Regional School. Recorder file photo

For the Bulletin
Thursday, December 28, 2017

SOUTH DEERFIELD — Work on the Frontier Regional School’s leaky roof is ongoing, but more money is required to finish all needed repairs.

“It’s about half to three-quarters done,” said Director of Facilities Robert Lesko at the School Committee meeting Dec. 19, referring to one of two repair projects in the works. “I anticipate, if we get good weather, we will have that work done (next week).”

Over the past few months, Frontier Regional’s School Committee approved nearly $20,000 to repair a section of the North Main Street school’s roof and another $8,500 or so to fix a few windows.

The projects were intentionally separated to reduce overhead, Lesko noted.

Repair work was needed to stop leaks around a 12,000-square-foot sloped structure built in the 1980s that sits on the school’s roof, facing the main entrance. The structure is directly over the school’s media center.

Following a request for bids a few months ago, 12 companies showed interest in working for the school, but few submitted bid proposals.

One company bid for the first project, estimating it would cost about $25,000. School officials agreed, reducing costs to $17,300 by using credits and alternative building materials.

The second project, which hasn’t yet been started, received two bids that were thousands above what school officials thought they’d need. Thus, if the School Committee wants to proceed with those repairs, Lesko estimated they’ll have to find about $8,500 more.

Discussion Tuesday centered around whether or not money could be freed up in this year’s budget, or whether the work will have to carry over into the next fiscal year.

“Are they good to hold that price until spring?” asked Robert Decker III, a School Committee member. “If we think that price is fair we ought to do our due diligence to find that other $8,500 to knock that out.”

Decker noted the School Committee would have to “dive deep” to find money this year, but expressed confidence that it could be done if so required.

Lesko said work can’t be started anyway until the spring because of temperature requirements, and said he would ask the company whether or not it would honor the price it bid at by some point next year, if the money can’t be found.