Amherst home invasion suspect, Stephanos Georgiadis, pleads not guilty to new charges following indictment

  • Stephanos Geogiadis

Thursday, March 16, 2017

NORTHAMPTON — Stephanos Georgiadis is the latest defendant to answer to charges before a judge stemming from a violent October home invasion in Amherst.

In Hampshire Superior Court on Monday, Georgiadis, 25, of Hadley, pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit home invasion, conspiracy to commit armed and masked robbery, assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, aggravated assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, three counts of armed and masked robbery, breaking and entering in the nighttime and larceny from a building.

Georgiadis has been free on $10,000 bail since a February hearing in district court.

According to court documents, in the early morning hours of Oct. 30, Patrick Bemben, 25, formerly of Hadley, and Georgiadis, armed and wearing tactical gear, allegedly ransacked a South East Street home in pursuit of drugs and valuables, police said, while a third man, John Joseph Niemiec III, 29, of Sunderland, served as the lookout.

Authorities say two of the home’s residents were seriously injured while the home invasion was being carried out. One received wounds to his arm from a hatchet, and the other was struck in the head with a gun.

Prosecutors say Bemben and Georgiadis ran into a wooded area behind the home where authorities recovered numerous items typically used in marijuana production.

A large container containing at least a pound of marijuana was also found, police said. After the foot pursuit, prosecutors said, Bemben was in possession of goggles, a headlamp, a tactical bulletproof vest, a hatchet, pepper spray, various knives and a baton.

Bemben was previously released on $35,000 cash bail and is receiving treatment at the Recovery Center of Americas in Westminster. Niemec has pleaded not guilty in district court to two charges of conspiracy and remains free after posting $5,000 bail.

Georgiadis is due back in court May 25.

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