Ginny Hamilton: Michael Morris addresses inequities in Amherst schools

Thursday, October 05, 2017
Morris addresses inequities in schools

I attended the Amherst Regional School Committee meeting on Sept. 26 already a supporter of appointing interim Superintendent Michael Morris to the permanent position.

After hearing his job talk presentation, I left that meeting deeply inspired by what Dr. Morris’ leadership could provide for my son and his peers in Amherst schools.

Dr. Morris knows the schools from the inside out as a teacher, assistant principal, principal and now in the central office, and as a parent. His commitment to real-world team building is centered on what works best for teaching and learning.

He is a white man working openly to address the inequities in our education system. During his job talk, he spoke candidly about his responsibility as a white man, naming the need to listen as well as to speak himself so that members of oppressed groups know they are safe to raise concerns. His commitment to addressing inequities in our schools benefits all students.

My family moved to Amherst five years ago because of the reputation of the schools. After a year of frustration at town politics, Dr. Morris’ presentation restored my hope that our schools can live up to their reputation.

I encourage district residents to watch Dr. Morris’ Sept. 26 presentation on Amherst Media and to join me in expressing your support to members of the Regional School Committee before their Oct. 10 vote on Dr. Morris’ appointment.

Ginny Hamilton