Ginny Hamilton: Wants to be represented directly

Saturday, February 17, 2018
Wants to be represented directly

As many people did after the 2016 presidential election, I made a commitment to contact my elected officials regularly about issues that matter to me.

I saved numbers for my federal and state senators and representatives in my phone, signed up for e-news, and followed them all on social media. From my senators down to School Committee members, I know their names and faces, how to contact them, and where they stand on issues important to me. They help me stay informed on important decisions where my voice needs to be heard. I participate year-round.

And then there is Amherst Town Meeting. If pressed, I can name six of the 24 members from my precinct because they are neighbors or friends. But even if I knew all 24, it would not make a difference since “representative” town meeting is structured to represent me statistically, not directly.

I will vote “yes” in favor of the charter on March 27 because I want local officials who represent me, not just themselves. As a resident, voter, taxpayer, parent and citizen, I am more than a statistic. I want to be represented directly.

Our current system feels an awful lot like taxation without representation.

Ginny Hamilton