Thayer A. Greene: Veteran feels betrayed by Russia bounty scheme

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

While watching the Sunday news I discovered a previously hidden description of how Russian President Vladimir Putin had offered Russian financial support to another country’s troops for every American soldier they could kill (I would say “murder”).

The situation had shifted from military conflict to “murder for sale,” with the Russians picking up the tab. If this arrangement by the Russians was known to Trump and the White House but never disclosed, I am enraged and feel deeply betrayed by a disloyal president, who is obsessed by his own political survival and indifferent to the lives of other Americans.

I am 94 years old, an infantry combat veteran of the war in Europe. I have three graduate degrees in the field of therapy and healing. I am one of hundreds of other trained healers who also share my deep concern for an obviously dysfunctional leader. I feel betrayed 75 years after my service.

Thayer A. Greene, Ph.D