Wayne Grincewicz: It’s time to ‘REBOOT’ our world

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

When our computers go squirrely on us, we REBOOT!

It’s not printing — REBOOT!

The cursor disappeared — REBOOT!

In our current world we need a REBOOT!

A virus has been unleashed upon us, by a bat bite no less. That’s nature’s way of saying “REBOOT WORLD!”

First off, leadership — REBOOT!

Attend to your loved ones — REBOOT!

Play for play’s sake, whether with kids or not — REBOOT!

Sleep with your pet and talk to them — REBOOT!

Learn something new — REBOOT!

Read that book again — REBOOT!

Exercise with total abandon — REBOOT!

Lie down for a good nap in the afternoon — REBOOT!

Repot all those rootbound plants — REBOOT!

Be forgiving more than ever — REBOOT!

See those beautiful eyes in strangers, even though they wear masks. Because the masks we wore before all this happened were ugly at times — REBOOT WORLD.

Wayne Grincewicz