Hadley to prorate license fees for businesses; changes at Police Department OK’d

Staff Writer
Monday, September 19, 2022

HADLEY — Fees for licenses given to businesses in town will be prorated depending on the time of year an owner applies for them under a new policy adopted by the Select Board this week.

Board members on Wednesday voted 4-0 to enact the policy that will discount prices on applications that come in after Jan. 1.

The decision comes after getting a request for cutting in half the cost of six automatic amusement machines that will be at FunHub, a new entertainment venue opening at Hampshire Mall this month.

Joyce Chunglo, who has been an elected member of the Select Board since 2003, said Hadley has typically done prorating depending on the circumstance of a particular business, such as when a license is sought.

“I think we’ve always done it on a case-by-case basis,” Chunglo said.

In this case, Chunglo said it makes sense to reduce the fee for the six machines from $600 to $300 and not stymie a new start-up business.

Board member Molly Keegan said she wants to treat everyone fairly and is in favor of a consistent rule, though she notes that FunHub is already paying the full $100 annual fee for 25 other machines it will have.

Though the fee was cut in half, board member Randy Izer said he doesn’t want a policy that is too specific. “We definitely don’t want to do it on a daily basis,” Izer said.

Police get new position

In other business, the board approved Hadley police having a second lieutenant position that would be in charge of administration, and be second in command to Police Chief Michael Mason.

“As part of growing the department we found it necessary to add another lieutenant to the department, said Lt. Mitchell Kuc, who has handled all aspects of the lieutenant job, with a focus on operations.

By having a similar position focused on administration, the department will have more emphasis on accreditation and rules and procedures.

Kuc said a process for promoting from within the sergeant positions is wrapping up, and once that is complete the lieutenant position can be addressed.

Other changes at the police approved by the Select Board included accepting the resignation of Tom Chabot, a part-time police officer, filling a full-time police officer vacancy with Harry Santiago, who has been a special police officer, putting part-time dispatcher Rachel Ferrin into a full-time role and naming Hali’a Wyman as a part time dispatcher.