Hadley Police warn of vehicle break-ins

  • Hadley Police report there has been an increase in vehicle break-ins. Suspects have been shattering windows and taking what is in sight. Hadley Police Department

Staff Writer
Thursday, August 31, 2017

HADLEY — Hadley Police have responded to a rash of car break-ins this month that has left some vehicle owners with shattered windows and missing purses.

Hadley Police Department Sgt. Mitchell Kuc said there have been about six incidents in the last two weeks where car windows have been smashed.

“Purses seem to be the common denominator,” Kuc said of the items stolen from the vehicles. “Sometimes they are just dumped right out … sometimes they are disposed of and found later on.”

Police said the thieves are targeting vehicles that have valuables left in plain sight and warn people to place valuables in car trunks or out of view. Kuc said many of the break-ins happened in places people are likely to leave valuables in a vehicle, such as gym parking lots and recreational areas.

The incidents remain under investigation.

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