John V. Rella: Opposes banning transgenders from military

Friday, September 22, 2017
Opposes transgender ban in military

Another lawsuit against President Donald Trump, and this time it’s the ACLU representing the transgender community already in the military and those who want to serve.

Most people don’t know there are thousands of transgenders already serving.

On the same night of Hurricane Harvey, our president told the Pentagon to ban new transgender recruits who want to join the military. Over a year ago, then-president Obama lifted this ban with the agreement of most military officials who stated they were having no real problems with the transgenders already serving in the military. The current policy requires equal treatment with any other soldiers in the military.

If you pass the military standard, it means you have no health issues that would interfere with you serving in the military. This argument stating it will cost our government a lot of expenses in health costs is utter nonsense.

This is another form of prejudice coming from our current president. We are all equal, no matter your color, gender or your choice of who you want to be.

A woman transgender in the military over 11 years deployed to Afghanistan more than five years ago when she was transitioning, Her name is Capt. Jennifer Peace. You don’t become a captain overnight, you earn it.

We should be finding ways to unite our country, not causing all this separation. Instead of draining the swamp, Trump is causing the quicksand to get deeper in the swamp.

Let us unite our whole military — men, women, gays and transgenders. They are willing to serve our great country and fight for us in combat.

Let’s write to our congressmen, senators and even the White House to stop this ban, which is unconstitutional.

John V. Rella