Lydia Vernon-Jones: Lauds climate change coverage, issues a caution

Monday, March 02, 2020

I would like to appreciate the Amherst Bulletin and Gazette for the increased coverage of the climate crisis, including a number of regular features that cover local issues.

I have been encouraging my friends to be sure that they have a subscription to the paper so that they are getting regular reminders and new information about what we can do to stop the destruction of our beautiful planet. But, in the same Gazette edition as columnist Johanna Newmann’s excellent article opposing the possible new federal regulations on the transport of liquefied gas, there is a half-page article on gas versus electric stoves.

This article mentions nothing about the effect of gas stoves on our climate or on household family health. Electrify everything is the direction that we — individual consumers, businesses and town governments — all need to head in, now. The fact that this article was purchased from another source rather than having been written by Gazette staff does not excuse the paper’s failure to print a note that the article fails to address key climate issues that are central to its topic.

Lydia Vernon-Jones