Kent W. Faerber: State grant a lifeline for Jones Library in Amherst

Thursday, August 10, 2017
State grant lifeline for Jones Library

The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners’ grant of $13.8 million for the renovation and expansion of the Jones Library represents a lifeline to the future.

When the funds are made available, they will give the town the opportunity to reinforce the central place of the library at its heart, at a cost not significantly greater than the cost of the library’s badly needed physical repairs and updates.

Now more than ever, Amherst needs a library that can serve as a vibrant center for all the disparate elements of its substantially more diverse populations. This project will provide a facility to which they can all make equal claim and have equal access.

Jones Library for Everyone, a group of interested citizens formed to support the project, looks forward to helping refine its design and to securing the balance of the funding needed.

Kent W. Faerber


The writer is a spokesman for Jones Library for Everyone.