Kevin Collins: Marijuana to produce tax revenue

Friday, September 22, 2017
Marijuana to produce tax revenue

I recently visited Colorado where marijuana has been legal for some time and the first thing you notice is the new schools and good roads, because people don’t seem to mind paying a marijuana tax.

Yet, I have not read anything about how this new revenue stream will affect our ability to fund our schools over the next 20 years, or to address the $20 million backlog in road repairs in Amherst. Who is setting our priorities? Anyone?

As someone who just spent $1,000 on suspension work on my car due to the potholes in this town, I am concerned by the apparent lack of priorities and direction in our town government. How can a discussion of delaying licensing of pot stores ignore completely the cost of that delay, both to the investors in those properties and to the residents in lost revenues and reduced local services? There is also the high cost of car repairs for working people because of deferred road maintenance.

Failure to implement zoning in a timely fashion for retail marijuana outlets will have unintended consequences. We have the opportunity to keep that money in town where it can help pay for schools and road repairs.

Failure to mention the cost of any delay whatsoever, or the potential for new revenue over the next 20 years, is ignorant.

Kevin Collins