Kitty (Cathy) Axelson-Berry: Cites virtues of Amherst Town Meeting

Thursday, February 01, 2018
Cites virtues of Town Meeting

I love Amherst. I love positive change and growth that enhances quality of life for all our residents.

I love democracy, elections, representation, accountability, diversity, diligence and responsibility. Above all, I value honesty and personal responsibility.

I don’t love power grabs, propaganda, and the development here, embodied by Boltwood Place, Kendrick Place and One East Pleasant Street, supported by our Planning Board, Select Board, and zoning board via waivers and special permits.

How can that propaganda, alternative facts and name-calling like “Town Meeting loyalist” ever be taken at face value here? Residents should demand substantiation for every claim from those pushing the charter.

With 11,217 long-term renters and property owners, and 26,622 undergraduate college students, Amherst is not a city. It’s a town, and Town Meeting is a paragon of democracy, accountability, representation, and diversity compared to city councils.

For further information, go to the town of Amherst website, with documentation of every contested Town Meeting vote since electronic voting was instituted, how-to run for Town Meeting, contact Town Meeting members, and more.

Visit Amherst Media to see for yourself how Town Meeting operates, and websites and Facebook pages of Vote No on the Charter and Not This Charter for accurate information.

Look deeper than propaganda and alternative facts. That’s why I’m voting against the proposal from the deeply divided Charter Commission.

Kitty (Cathy) Axelson-Berry


The writer is a Town Meeting member from Precinct 6.