Jan Klausner-Wise: In support of plan for new school in Amherst

  • Fort River Elementary School

Friday, March 22, 2019

I am writing in wholehearted support of Amherst’s proposed statement of interest to be sent to the Massachusetts School Building Authority to construct one building for 600 students.

This is truly a compromise plan and it is the most realistic, sensible and timely option for getting our kids and teachers into a better facility. While I preferred an earlier plan with more preschool capacity, I recognize that others have seen their wishes set aside so that the community can come together in support of the urgent need for a new school.

For more than 40 years I’ve seen Amherst take pride in having excellent public schools. It is a community priority and one that attracts young faculty to our higher education institutions, and many others, to set down roots in our town.

Just as important, our schools attract excellent teachers and staff to serve our children. And for homeowners, it helps maintain the value of our homes.

Fort River and Wildwood schools have been problematic for decades and have urgent capital repair needs that must be addressed now. Please visit these two schools if you have not recently.

Friends who work in them or send their children to these buildings every day describe working and learning conditions that are really unimaginable in this community.

Jan Klausner-Wise