The Lehrer Report: Feb. 14, 2020

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. What a great excuse to eat chocolate. Send a card or visit a friend who would welcome company.

* * *

Monday, Feb. 17 is a holiday now called Presidents’ Day to honor Washington and Lincoln. I am of an age when the days were celebrated separately Feb. 12 and 22.

Town offices and banks are closed but stores are open.

* * *

The historical holiday is a nice segue to the Historical Society’s celebration of Amherst’s anniversary last week. Amherst was founded in 1759, separating from Hadley.

The illustrated talk by Marla Miller centered on the working women at the Porter Phelps Huntington House in Hadley. A very informative presentation.

The event was also the society’s annual meeting. George Naughton, Historical Society president, said the society has positions on the board of directors to be filled and could use some more volunteers.

If interested, give him a call or one of the other officers, such as Bonnie Isman or Rebecca Fricke.

* * *

Spring is coming. I planted some lettuce and watercress seeds that are in front of my south-facing sliding glass doors. The seedlings will be sold at the Amherst Woman’s Club annual flower show March 28, a week after the beginning of spring. The challenge is that the seeds have to germinate and grow to a respectable size to be sold. It is exciting to see seeds germinate and it helps to dispel the gloom of these cloudy, rainy days.

Full disclosure: I am a member of the Woman’s Club.

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