The Lehrer Report: Nov. 13, 2020

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Garden report: Dandelions have appeared on the lawn. The lilac wave petunia on the porch survived and is back in bloom.


With all the activity around the election, I forgot to note Veterans Day in my column last week and I sincerely apologize for that omission.

Forgetting what past and presents veterans do and have done should not be forgotten.

I regret that we won’t have a ceremony on the common.


Terry Franklin of Amherst sent me a postcard with views of Liechtenstein, but not from Europe. However, he wrote that he went to Northampton and visited Raven Books. With all the libraries closed it’s difficult being cut off from the internet, he said. He is getting a lot of reading and writing done.


Orchard Valley neighbor and Valley Light Opera board of directors President Phyllis Jordan sent me this email.

“Instead of Valley Light Opera’s usual fall show and in celebration of its 45thanniversary, it will present a video production highlighting its history. “If You Want to Know Who We Are, or, VLO, Then and Now” presents the company’s 1970’s origins and its image in the 21st century.

“Narrated by founding member Michael Greenebaum, the video includes audio and video clips from past shows, photographs and commentaries by actors and production crew members. This feature length video can be viewed on Valley Light Opera’s YouTube channel beginning Sat., Nov. 14 at 7 p.m.”

I attended the very first show. They have been such a joy to see and see friends and neighbors on stage having a good time.


Several weeks ago, large square flower boxes appeared at the intersection of Pomeroy and West streets as well as the driveways and entrances to businesses. Signs have now been installed and we can thank the Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce for the beautification project. The signs read South Amherst Pomeroy Village Center. We have a name for our corner.

They are a great addition.


I was out raking Sunday morning and didn’t notice the earthquake. Did anyone feel a rumble or tremor?


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