Letter Anne Blakeslee-Chunglo: A ‘townie’ remembers the Pub

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

I am a former Amherst “townie.” There aren’t many of us left in town. I have fond memories of lunches and dinners at The Pub, a gathering place of all my friends.

The food was always good and the servers friendly and efficient. In the summer, the patio was filled with happy people, the umbrellas bright and, most of all, the flower boxes were filled with beautiful colors of flowers.

I have many pictures of The Pub taken through the years. It’s too bad the Bulletin couldn’t find a more flattering picture to put on its front page. The picture there makes it look like a dump.

The Carriage Shops, Rafters, Charlie’s, Bertucci’s, and now The Pub. What next will have to be demolished in the name of progress?

Anne Blakeslee-Chunglo

Charlotte, North Carolina