Anne Herrington: Vote ‘Yes’ for the greenest option

Thursday, September 30, 2021

A recent letter to the Bulletin argues that we need to get beyond Yes or No rhetoric on the Jones Library issue, but the choice that faces Amherst voters on Nov. 2 is Yes or No: Yes, to moving forward with the Jones Library building project or No, to rejecting a multimillion-dollar state grant and requiring an equal amount of town dollars for needed but still inadequate repairs that will themselves generate waste.

Further, a whole building life cycle analysis has shown that even with the carbon emissions from the demolition, the renovation and expansion is a greener option than staying with the current building.

A “Yes” vote recognizes the years of planning, public input, and ongoing revision of plans that have led to the building project upon which we will vote. The facts show that it is fiscally sound and environmentally wise, not just for present but also future generations, and provides the space needed for a multifunctional library that serves all Amherst residents.

It is time to decide. It is time to vote “Yes” for the Jones Library project.

Anne Herrington