Bob DiCarlo: Emily Dickinson postcards are a national treasure

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

There was a request for postcards for Emily Dickinson that were put on display.

I am not a poetic scholar. I am a humble appliance repair guy who stopped by her home at the end of a long winter’s day on the road. What I witnessed was a sight as inspiring as going to the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C., where it is all but impossible to be able to keep a dry eye.

It was more powerful than the way people have been visiting the grave of John Belushi on Martha’s Vineyard, where they had to respond to the outpouring of emotion for him.

The same thing is still happening at the grave of Emily Dickinson. If you have not seen these postcards, you missed on of the most inspiring moments you would ever want to experience. This is a small tribute to the people who took the time to talk to Emily in their own unique way.

This is my reaction and tribute to them. These letters are as much a national treasure as her words.

Postcards to Emily Echoes of distant past

Were listening to voices of the mass

Who were swinging from the ropes

In the house guilded with feathers and hope

When my ears listened in

It seemed like I was intrudin

Because they were carrying on

As if she was there reborn.

They was delivered as addressed

Adorn with the fanciest of dress

Some with glitter and green stripes

Others dressed racy as spice.

Got wild swung from ropes at night

Caught my eyes by sight

In the hall with many doors

From the ceiling with many floors.

Bob DiCarlo