Bryan and Leslie Lorber: Library deserves to be modern

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Some time ago we had the opportunity to have a guided tour of the Jones Library in Amherst. The staff who organize and operate this essential service in our community do an amazing job but we were quite shocked at the overall physical infrastructure and the desperate need for major renovations throughout.

We were especially concerned with Special Collections where so many irreplaceable documents and literary works associated with the town are located. The woefully inadequate lavatory facilities are worth noting, as well as a significant lack of easy accessibility throughout.

We chose to retire in Amherst for its commitment to open space, and it’s academic, liberal arts focus. We are once again reminded that the town seal of Amherst shows both a plow and a book. Our library, which is so much more than a depository of books, deserves to be modern and a pleasure to use. Please vote ‘Yes’ for the Jones.

Bryan and Leslie Lorber