Carolyn Holstein: Supports Keegan, Izer for Select Board in Hadley

Thursday, May 05, 2022

The town of Hadley has two outstanding candidates for Select Board — Molly Keegan and Randy Izer.

Both have extensive experience in town government, with Molly serving on the School Committee, Finance Committee, Economic Development and Select Board; and Randy serving on Long Range Planning, Community Preservation Act, and Moderator.

Both are even-handed, do not play favorites, and adhere to the democratic process. Other boards and committees will be listened to, and their advice respected, especially those decision-making boards such as the Health Board and the Conservation Committee. If Hadley government is supposed to act as a “team,” then Izer and Keegan have proven themselves to be superb team players.

Any town government would benefit from Izer and Keegan as Select Board members, and Hadley is more than fortunate to have these two outstanding candidates.

Please vote on May 17, and vote for Molly Keegan and Randy Izer for the Select Board.

Carolyn Holstein