Clare Bertrand: Move ahead with the Jones project

  • Patrons enter the Jones Library in Amherst on Friday, Oct. 29, 2021.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

The town of Amherst deserves a healthy and vibrant Jones Library building and now is not the time to pull back from our commitment to that dream.

While the early projections are high for both the library and projected school project, we risk raising our own costs even higher if we let go of these large grant opportunities. Our town infrastructure is going to fail us if we do not invest in it. That will mean we fail our kids and our neighbors who rely on our schools and library.

One generous Amherst soul understands this commitment to infrastructure and is single-handedly upgrading the North Amherst library. We applaud that spirit and hope we emulate it. Let us not grow fearful but rather bold! So many good things are happening here and can continue to happen if we don’t back away from the challenges ahead.

Let’s continue to support the Jones Library project.

Clare Bertrand