David Hixon: A process we can trust in

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

When I read the Aug. 27 Bulletin story, “No review for Jones Library petition signatures,” I thought that Judge Richard J. Carey missed the important point in his ruling. I think it is a win-win to review the signatures and should be done.

Win No. 1. If the votes are reviewed and don’t meet the number required, we shouldn’t have a November vote and then all of those who believe that there was fraudulent behavior in the counting process are proved wrong and we can all go on believing in the people who govern our town.

Win No. 2. If the votes are reviewed and they were improperly counted to secure an outcome, then we can remove the folks involved in the fraudulent count and again be reassured that the governing of our town will be properly done.

I’m not sure why we wouldn’t want to know. It’s the way an honest democracy should be run. As it stands now, we have once again created two sides in an issue where there shouldn’t be two sides. We have put people in our community at odds with each other unnecessarily. It’s not about the library — it’s about a process that we can all trust and believe in.

David Hixon