Hadley neighbors back Keegan, Izer

Thursday, May 05, 2022

We are a group of Hadley neighbors writing to urge town residents to get to the Senior Center on May 17th and vote for Molly Keegan and Randy Izer for Select Board. These superb candidates promise to add transparency and respect to a board currently in need of those qualities.

We have been deeply dismayed at the direction of the majority of the board in the last two years. When the Conservation Commission and the Board of Health each took responsible, rule-based actions that ran counter to preferences of the Select Board, they had their chairperson abruptly removed without prior notice, or their members threatened with reorganization. Communication from the Select Board was poor to nonexistent, and the Conservation Commission was flatly denied a request to address any legitimate complaints. These are just the most well-known problems; there have been others of a similar character.

For these reasons, we are especially delighted to see Molly and Randy on the ballot.

Randy has done sterling service moderating the town’s sometimes chaotic annual meetings. His fair-minded approach and deep knowledge of the rules have kept things running amicably and productively — a significant accomplishment.

Molly served Hadley for 15 consecutive years, first on the Finance and School Committees, and then in a popular six-year term as Select Board member and chair. She has proved an open-minded and especially communicative town official in all our dealings with her. Both she and Randy are small business owners here in Hadley.

In an extra show of decency, Molly and Randy are supporting each other’s campaigns, looking to jointly increase openness and responsiveness on the Select Board. We hope Hadley will respond enthusiastically!

Harry Remer,
Emily Remer,
Mark Dunn,
George Urch,
Paula Huntoon,
Lynne Edwards,
Jack Edwards
Kimberly Edwards