Inanna Balkin: Eighth grader is happy library project moving ahead

Thursday, September 29, 2022

I’m an eight grader at Amherst Regional Middle School. One of the things that Amherst students learn from elementary school and onward is that, as a community, it is our responsibility to care for each other’s needs and safety. When it was clear that our library needed an expansion, many people stepped up and voted “yes” for the Jones Library building project.

As a teenager and a member of the Amherst community, I would like to thank all of the library trustees as well as the town councilors who voted to continue this project to expand the library. The library is such a central part of Amherst, and in order to have it continue to function that way, we must maintain it and update it to our needs in the 21st century.

I have no doubt that the library will be made better through these renovations. Teens will be given a safe and inclusive free space to go after school, and our town will reduce its carbon footprint. Overall, the library will become a healthier and more accessible environment for both its employees and patrons. Most importantly, our library will continue to be a safe place to gather, learn, read and grow as a community.

Inanna Balkin