Irv Rhodes: Diversity director in Amherst deserves town’s respect

Monday, August 29, 2022

For all those living in Amherst who has been following the story of the police engagement with some youth in Amherst and the response thereof.

The recent report by the diversity, equity, and inclusion director for the town of Amherst on this subject was professional, disciplined, impartial, insightful and straightforward. This being Amherst of course, those who had a different take on the events are vigorously opposing the report and are quite sure that there has been some sort of real or imagined violation.

This is despite the lack of any public comments by those directly involved. Heretofore, when issues involving police happened, especially those involving BIPOC populations, all kinds of accusations would be subjects of numerous heated debates, often involving name calling and insults. Now, Amherst has for the first time an outside neutral person (a BIPOC female) hired by the town, weighing in on these events. Her debut has been a spectacular representation of what it means to be a professional and how professionals react to these kinds of events. She deserves the town’s respect, congratulations, and appreciation for a job well done.

Irv Rhodes