Jacqueline Waldman and David Farnham: A ‘thumb’s down’ for the town planners

Thursday, February 13, 2020

We have read of the need for another parking garage in Amherst, which does not make much sense to us as taxpayers.

To support such a project, there should be a bustling, vibrant commercial downtown that provides venues for families, the elderly and students alike. We see high-end student housing taking valuable potential commercial space away, pushing small local businesses out of downtown, with no viable substitution.

All new business is geared to students. Those of us with families and the nonstudent population in general are challenged to find a diverse offering of restaurants, shops and public spaces to enjoy. We find ourselves leaving town to find that. The north end of town looks abandoned and falling into rapid disarray.

Where is this going? What is the goal here? For what it is worth, we give the town planning a “thumbs down.”

Jacqueline Waldman

David Farnham