Joanne Marqusee, Estevan Garcia and Joanne Levin: CDH: The pandemic is not done with us

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Thursday, November 26, 2020
CDH: The pandemic is not done with us

The holidays are approaching, weather has turned colder and we understand the weariness many people feel with the way the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives. The emotional, financial and other challenges are daunting. You may have heard the statement “it doesn’t matter if we feel done with the pandemic, it is not done with us.” This could not be more true.

We are facing an uncertain winter, with cases of COVID-19 rising across the nation, across Massachusetts, and here in the Pioneer Valley. Last week the governor issued new mandates aimed to curb the increasing numbers of people being infected. At Cooley Dickinson Hospital, we have seen our seven day test positivity rate increase — from a low of 0.2 % to above 2% over the past month — as more people test positive for coronavirus. We are also seeing more people hospitalized with the virus.

Through the summer rates were lower — due in large part to the efforts of each and every one of you to physically distance, wash your hands, and importantly to wear a mask. Thank you! The collective impact of each of your individual actions has made a difference.

There is good news in the midst of the pandemic — good news about improvements in treatment, the possibility of a vaccine — and also about our ability to decrease infections by the choices we make every day. We were successful over the summer months and we can be successful again.

Now, with COVID-19 rising, we ask you to please redouble your efforts. Please follow the governor’s mandates and all public health guidance: wear a mask everywhere you go, maintain physical distance, always wash your hands, and limit indoor gatherings, for the holidays or any other reason, to your household. Indoor transmission is becoming more common as the weather gets colder. It will take all of us, but we can slow the spread in our community if we all work together.

Joanne Marqusee

Cooley Dickinson Hospital, President and Chief Executive Officer

dr. Estevan Garcia

Cooley Dickinson Hospital,
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Joanne Levin

Cooley Dickinson Hospital,
Medical Director,
Infection Prevention