Katherine Appy and Ginny Hamilton: For Amherst schools, let’s keep steady hands at the wheel

Thursday, October 31, 2019

While most of us were busy doing other things over the past couple of years, our fellow residents serving on the Amherst School Committee were giving over part of their lives to working hard in lengthy committee meetings, studying budget reports, analyzing proposals, responding to parent, teacher, student, and resident feedback, and a whole lot more.

They have a lot to show for all their missed family meals, social rainchecks, and lost downtime, including:

■Garnering unanimous Town Council support for Amherst’s latest Statement of Interest to the MSBA, the state agency responsible for funding school building projects

■Launching a dual-language Spanish immersion program for elementary students

■Approving the Implementation of a new math curriculum for grades 6 through 12

■Conducting a facilities audit detailing accessibility violations in our school buildings and working toward implementing solutions

Four current members are running again, committed to seeing things through. They’ll be facing more challenging issues, from addressing the athletic fields to contributing to further stability in the administration after several important hires in recent years.

Plus, in December we’ll hear back from the state agency in charge of helping fund school building projects on our latest proposal.- Given their successful leadership toward identifying common ground where there was previously mostly acrimony, lets keep them in office to help see this project through in a positive, focused, inclusive manner. We need steady hands at the wheel.

That’s why we strongly support these four candidates for reelection to another term:

Allison McDonald

Eric Nakajima

Kerry Spitzer

Peter Demling

Having four seasoned, experienced committee members continue to serve is incredibly important for the stability of our schools overall. Please join us in voting them in for another term on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Katherine Appy

Ginny Hamilton


Authors Katherine Appy and Ginny Hamilton serve as co-chairs of Amherst Forward, an all volunteer political action organization working to engage Amherst residents and elected and appointed officials on critical town issues including smart growth and development, high quality services and infrastructure, and responsive government.